Supercharge your Security when Gambling Online

When you log in to any website online, whether you are using social media, a work-related application, doing online gambling, or anything that would require you to log in – you instantly become a target of opportunity. Various malware and viruses target login credentials in the hopes of uncovering more useful information such as credit card numbers and other financial information that they can use to obtain cash for themselves. It is not always direct but the ultimate goal is to get a lot of cash by hacking into financial data. When doing online gambling or online betting, especially in Asia where there are less stringent laws to come after erring websites, it is very important to be wary of how you conduct your business online. Online gambling or judi online as it is known in some parts of Asia, has combined traditional games like cockfighting, dice and card games and put them online. As these are deeply rooted in tradition, it caught on quite fast – like wildfire. You can reduce the dangers that you will face by being aware of the dangers and how to counter them. Take some time to look at some of the basic things you can do to be able to afford some protection while doing activities online.

Be Aware

     Knowledge is the first line of defense that you can have at your disposal. The best thing is that it is free and just about available anywhere if you know where to look. By knowledge, we mean that you should do a little digging about the site you want to join. Go to forums where there are members who have had experience with the site. Forums are famous for those wanting the pros and cons of any product or services. You can also use social media to root out compliments or complaints about the site. If anyone had a good experience or a horror story, this would be the place to look for it.


      This is the one key thing that is common across ALL things you do online that involves money.  This is the key that will grant access to all your data. It is just fitting that you focus on this one single item to be as strong and as secure as humanly possible. First off, it has been proven that length instead of complexity actually makes it harder for brute force hackers to break. Start with password lengths from 12 characters upwards. Forget complexity, make them long.  Aside from the length, use two-factor authentication to add a layer of security. These utilize another code that you will get from a different source such as a text or an email before giving you access to your account. 


       Another thing is you must update your anti-malware and anti-virus software to its most updated version to have the most out of it. Do not use an administrator account while you play, this makes it harder for malware to infect your pc. Create a guest account for your online gambling and make it exclusive for that use only.

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