Bola putar- not an ordinary 24 ball play

Maccay303 has a 24 ball lottery game that is not similar to other ball games that you might have played before. It has every number from 1 to 24.

It is simple as a gambler to playing this game, this game requires no skill for the gambler to use just pick a number from 1 to 24 digits and the rest of the work is done by the dealer which makes sure no foul play is included in the game with a random number coming out decides the winner of the game and everything happens in front of your eyes online. The customer service makes sure you don’t fall prey to any foul play with being constantly available to you each time you need them, they don’t take breaks. The payments made on the sites are also very secure with the best private and secure network in the world of betting site.

Betting pattern

The betting pattern goes same for this game also you have to pick a number and place a bet being it an odd victory betting or 50-50. With the odd victory betting 1 number can grant you 23 times the bet, while 2 will grant you the half i.e. 11.5 times the best with 4 decreases the amount to 5.75 times the bet.

The lines also pay you a great amount of the bet with vertical 2 lines being 2.75 times and horizontal 2 lines with 2.75 times the bet.

If you are a color lover, no need to worry, you can place your bets with 50-50 on big-small, red-black or even-odd, but that cuts a percent of your bet to tax but it’s easier than the odd betting pattern.

You can earn many bonuses just by registering yourself on the site, making it easy for you to earn and enjoy. The amount withdrawal doesn’t take any time and the betting also completes in a few minutes.

You must try your luck once with this bola putar game with your betting skills of either odd or even we wish you success here at the site.

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