How sports betting are getting popularity?

Earlier Sports betting is the term is associated with illegal betting, but now it is legalized in California. It is one of the nine states that have legalized sports betting. If you go back a little that is in May 2018, there are some states who are expecting to have legal sports betting, and Califonia is one out of them. But wheels start turning in California in late 2019. California turned towards having a major step towards legalizing Sports betting.

On January 8th, 2020, the Senate Governmental Organization Committees and the Joint Assembly host a meeting for the purpose of getting input from industry experts on how the California sports betting market may look like.

With the most popular professional sports teams and having the largest population of the country, the sports betting in the California market is undoubtedly become the biggest in the country. As the marketer suggests legal sports betting market in California can bring in $2.5 billion in gross revenue annually which will make it the largest market of the country

California is the home ground of three National Football League franchises and four National Basketball Association Teams and, as well as powerhouse university teams from UCLA and USC. Lawyers told lawmakers that they would support the concept of a constitutional amendment, just want to be sure about any new system that protects consumers and the integrity of the games.

Best Sports for Betting

California also allows betting over the internet and smartphones by using state-licensed sites so that the legal system can compete and reduce black marketing.

California Coalition against Gambling Expansion has opposed the proposal that is concerned about allowing betting online, where they don’t have to go anywhere because they will get it right there on their smartphone.

The chairman of the Senate Governmental Organization Committee Dodd had argued as the state, and their residents are missing by keeping bet illegal.

Though sports betting remain illegal in California, the fact remains will be the same that will wager billions of dollars every single year on their favorite sport.

Now To legalize sports betting in California, a bill should have to get two-thirds approval from both the General Assembly and the state Senate. So that the bill will be added for November ballot, and here it would require majority approval by voters to get sports betting legalized in California.

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