Korean Law And Gambling

South Korea is one of the most flourishing democracies in the world. Since the division of the two Koreas, after the Korean War (1950-1953), the country has gradually moved to a position of immense financial strength. This has resulted in huge surpluses in the hands of the common Koreans. One of the most hardworking and dedicated of all the races, Koreans are also extremely gregarious and fun loving. Gambling has been a time honored pastime since before the Korean War, and Korean myths are full of stories of gambling and gamblers. But modern South Korea seems to have a Love-Hate relationship with gambling. The government of South Korea has steadfastly been Anti-gambling, but the people have refused to bow down to government diktat. Would it therefore be safe to ask, 먹튀 Is Gambling Illegal in Korea?

Is All Gambling Illegal?

Actually the situation is quite complicated. While the government has endorsed the legality of certain types of gambling, other forms of gambling have been completely proscribed. For example, lotteries are legal in South Korea. In fact there are national lotteries which are completely legal and have been used since the creation of South Korea to provide funds for nation building. Boat racing and Cycling are both legal forms of gambling South Korea, but playing in Casinos are strictly forbidden for all citizens of South Korea.

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Is Gambling Illegal For Everyone In Korea?

Korean Law declares gambling to be illegal, and this law applies to all citizens of South Korea. But the government has been trying to make Korea the most attractive destination for tourists since its birth. So foreigners and particularly foreign tourists are exempted from bans on all forms of gambling. There are 23 world class Casinos scattered throughout South Korea. Each Casino has all the Slot Machines, Roulette Wheels, Poker games, Baccarat and all the popular Casino games everywhere in the best Casinos in the world, such as Las Vegas. Each Casino has all the best services like Fine dining and over-night stay available. But they are not for South Koreans.

Travelling Abroad

The criminal law of Korea seems to follow its citizens even when they travel abroad. Koreans are not allowed to gamble in Casinos even when they visit other countries, and even when gambling is fully legal in the countries they visit. Therefore, to the question 먹튀– Is Gambling Illegal in Korea, the answer seems to be, not just in South Korea. A three year sentence awaits the hapless South Korean wherever he gambles in Casinos.

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