Are online poker sites destroying today’s youth?

You turn on the computer, go to your favorite online poker site, enter the betting room and enter the world of online poker. Many of these sites do not check the age of their players; As long as you have the opportunity to deposit funds into your account, you can place bets and play. Young people under the age of 18 or 21 can easily play on many of these poker sites.

Are these sites destroying youth today?

Do these sites effectively promote gambling for minors and aggravate gambling problems at a young age?

Some opponents of online poker games formulate the following reasons why they should be banned, and they are indeed forbidden for minors:

It’s easy to finance accounts: some poker sites do not impose age limits on people who play on their websites. Minor players can replenish poker accounts effectively with credit cards, their parent’s credit cards, bank transfers, and third-party electronic wallet brokers.

Local laws do not apply: despite the current rules and restrictions of some jurisdictions against online gambling, many sites (physically located in different jurisdictions where poker and bets are legal) still serve these players. Again, there is no discrimination in these cases, according to the age or place of the player.

Lack of money management skills. Many online gamble opponents and minors like to think that online Judi Poker serves the “one-click, and you lose your home” syndrome.

Obsessive gambling: There have been many studies that show that compulsive gambling affects a very, very small percentage of players as a whole. However, does the secure promotion of online gambling make it easier for young people to promote gambling?

Distribution of money: Do minor players use cash for lunch? Do they take their assignments and bet they will get a royal flush? In short, are small players playing with their daily money?

Obsession: Is online poker becoming an obsession for young people today? Do young people spend their free time in front of the screen (gambling), when in fact, it takes time from family, friends, and school work? Is this obsession ruining their life in society?

Online gambling proponents claim the following:

Freedom of expression: there are inalienable freedoms in this world today. The Internet does not show restrictions, and Internet players (including youth) should be able to do whatever they want for their money. Freedom of expression is the central theme here.

Youth Betting Detection – Some of the reputable online poker sites already have sophisticated controls to ensure their clients are not minors.

Hypocrisy: The opposition quickly screams at underage online poker players, but many jurisdictions allow young players to participate in online lotteries and online fantasy sports pools, which they often gamble.

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