Eyes Here – Try these best exercises of Poker Players

Whether you like it or not, playing poker requires that you sit for long hours. And this can have repercussions on your overall health as well as your well-being. For one, it can cause bad posture, spine injuries, slower metabolism, chronic pain, and metabolic syndrome. If you’re serious about the game of poker, and if you plan to play poker for a long time, it might be best to take care of your body right now. This does not mean that you have to sign up for gym membership for you to have the required physical activity. It will be sufficient that you have an exercise routine consistently. You have physical activities that combine cardiovascular exercises and strength training.

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If you’re that type of person who is not into sports and exercise, then it is highly suggested that you take each exercise one at a time. You need to have a group of exercise that is fitted with your current conditions while having a healthy exercise is good, it is also important that you listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Below is a list of exercises that you can to keep your body healthy and keep playing poker in the long run.

Fast Feet: Fast feet can be very exhausting, but doing it can surely give you a lot of benefits to start your day. You can do fast feet for 30 seconds, this will help you keep a level of focus. Something that you need in playing poker, this allows your brain and nervous system busy and has something to work on.

Jumping Jacks: Another 30-second exercise that you can do is jumping jacks. This will wake your body and keep your body temperature rising as you stretch your arms and keep your chest open. This is a good way to elevate your heart rate, allowing more circulation in your blood.

Bicycle Crunches: One way to save time and maximize your exercise is to have a combination of a workout and a stretching. The best way to do it is through bicycle crunches, it is great for stretching your oblique muscles with minimal efforts required.

Planks: Although the 30-second plank may seem challenging, doing planks is a proven and tested exercise that will surely get results, both in your physique and health. If planks are done properly, it can improve your muscles and at the same time maintain your correct form.

Make sure to try out these exercises and start having a healthy lifestyle while still being able to play your favorite game of poker. For more casino games and poker, visit 138bet login for more information.

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