How to Play Basketball

Basketball is an outdoor sport played by two teams. It involves team spirit and strategy and the rules for playing basketball are far simpler. Though the rules are same for any game of basketball players across the world, yet, sometimes they vary based on the level of play. Like most other games, Handicap betting in basketball is also popular.

To play the game of basketball, you need a ball and the basketball court. These two are the only equipment in a game of basketball.

What are the Rules of Playing Basketball

The main court is divided into two sections by a midcourt line. There are two elevated hoops on either side of the basketball court. You have to pass the ball by dribbling across the court and put it through the hoop on your opponent’s side. The team with the ball is called the offense and the team without the ball is called the defense. When your basket, your team is awarded two points and the ball goes to the other team. The team getting the most scores is declared a winner. Usually, the game is of four quarters. Each quarter lasts for 10-12 minutes. The time slot also varies for different levels of the game. There are various ways to score points in the game of basketball. There are also many penalties in the game.

Handicap Betting in Basketball Explained

Handicap betting in basketball is allowed when one team is highly favored over another. To determine the final result of the game, the handicap number is in “+” or “-“ value. For example, if Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat are playing,

Golden State Warriors- +7.5  2.050

Miami Heat- -7.5   1.862

If you place your handicap bet on Miami Heat and if it wins the match (100-96), you would lose the bet. This is because of the -7.5 point which will be deducted from their final score. This will put the scores in favor of the Golden States Warriors to 92.5-96.

There are many ways to bet in a game of basketball. There are also many betting strategies in basketball to help you place bets in basketball.

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