Is it Time to Require Identity Verification for Everyone?

The digital world is rapidly becoming an important aspect of the lives of all people facing the world. The e-commerce industry makes multi-million-dollar sales every day, since only in 2017, online retail sales exceeded the $ 2.3 billion barrier. More than 2.25 billion people register on their Facebook accounts every month, more than the population of the most populous country in the world. But despite these incredible feats of the digital revolution, the number of cases of identity theft on the Internet and digital fraud not only increases every year, but the nature of these attacks also becomes sophisticated every day.

Identity verification helps to counteract identity theft on the Internet and create an online fraud-free and online site

To counteract identity theft on the Internet and create an online fraud-free and online site, identity verification services are the most appropriate option. Online verification will not only reduce losses caused by identity theft and online fraud, but will also help provide better customer service through online stores and e-commerce sites. But the task of verifying the identity of each person in the world poses different tasks. Some of these problems:

Global reach

Verification, which can confirm the identity of each person, must be available in all countries of the world. It must be accessible through the Internet and be able to cope with the large-scale computing load without diminishing. The 24/7 operational potential is a prerequisite for seamless integration with existing systems, mobile applications, web portals and other digital resources.

Universal language support

Document verification is an important aspect of digital identity verification because the 먹튀 service requires a genuine official identity document to verify the user’s identity. A verification system that can read and verify several official languages ​​will have superiority over competitors. You can perform controls perfectly, regardless of the official language used in the identification document.

Support for a variety of documents.

The ability to choose from a diverse list of identification documents 먹튀 makes the entire online verification process simple and convenient for users. They find it easy to prove their identity when they are not required to issue only a specific identification document to confirm their identity. For digital verification to be available worldwide, multiple document support is required. Choosing to use an identity verification service even with a driver’s license, identity card or passport can greatly facilitate the verification process for end users and ensure the widespread implementation of verification services.

In conclusion is one of these identity verifications services that has all the attributes that allow you to verify every person in the world. Not only is it available in all countries of the world, but it is also compatible with more than 150 official languages ​​of the world. The results of real-time verification are offered to customers through an identity verification system based on artificial intelligence. You can verify the identity of the end users with all applicable identification documents, including bank statements and utility bills to verify the address.

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